New Entry

New Entry
Here is a more detailed account of making a new entry, about it
treat try making a new entry and then come back here if you need more information.

Select “New Observation” from your dashboard or the “New” button on the top right of your screen to begin each new entry.

Each entry will start with the type of record, e.g. breakfast or lunch, and the date. When you eat, you’ll likely record your blood glucose and the number of carbs you are consuming.

For those using fast-acting insulin you can take advantage of the Active Insulin Calculator to suggest a dose of insulin.

For other types of insulin, select the insulin from a pre-populated list of medications, along with any other medications such as Metformin or Acarbose. You can even include vitamins and supplements or medications taken to treat conditions unrelated to diabetes.

When tracking your exercise, add the type of exercise you have done, e.g. yoga, hockey or walking, the duration in minutes and select low, medium or high intensity.

Under “More”, you can enter your weight in pounds or kilograms. If tracking blood pressure, include your reading at the time.

Add notes that may help you or your doctor better understand your entry. For example, you may have gone for a long walk, which is not part of your regular evening routine. It could help explain why a post-dinner blood glucose reading was lower than usual.

*Remember you can add all of any of these fields with a single entry. For something that doesn’t apply, scroll through the fields for the ones you want. For example, if all you want to do is track your weight, start a new entry and go to the weight field. It will appear as a note in your list of entries.