Estimated A1C

A graph of A1C over 90 days

The A1C blood test is one standard for checking how well you are managing your diabetes. A result below 7 per cent is the goal, tadalafil medicine
but it can be hard to achieve. With an estimated A1C you can start to see how your efforts are paying off.

Don’t be alarmed if the numbers seem high or too giddy with a lower number within the first few days or weeks. The blood test is based on a two- to three-month average of sugar in your blood, viagra sale so your results will be most accurate once you’ve been using D Sharp for a little while.

How we do it

We prefer the D Sharp method, malady which is based on the trapezoidal rule. This rule approximates the region under the graph of all logged blood glucose and then adjusts for the difference in capillary blood and average plasma glucose. You may also see the application of this rule credited as the Tai Method.

We’ve also provided the American Diabetes Association Guidelines (ADAG) method, the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial method (DCCT) and the Nathan Formula. Your healthcare provider may prefer one of these other popular methods.

Explanation of graph

This graph shows you BGs as points over 90 days. The green band indicates the target range of 4 to 7 mmols. The green line represents the moving average for this user.

The graph visualizes D Sharp’s method of the trapezoidal rule and indicates that this user has maintained a healthy estimated A1C despite having BGs that fall above and below target.