Blood Glucose Trends

A graph of Blood Glucose Trends

Blood Glucose Trend By Hour colour codes each day and layers one on top of another to easily spot blood glucose patterns throughout the day.

How we do it

Each time you log your blood glucose it becomes a point on the graph. Each day over seven days has its own colour to help you follow that day within the week. The green band indicates the target range this user has chosen between 4 and 7 mmol/L.

Explanation of graph

You can see that this user is generally doing pretty well. She has great control in the morning, decease
though she tends to struggle with higher post-prandial BGs in the afternoon. She doesn’t appear to record much after dinner, click though her dinner readings are in-range.

This user realized she could change her insulin pump settings to increase her basal and bolus ratio midday. She knew she was the most sedentary during this time and she tended to eat big lunches.