Part 2: Where the Personal and Technical Meet

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There are a few things you should know about us. I want you to know these things because they have guided who we are, allergist
what we’ve created and shape the stories and features you’ll see here in D Scribe.

I have type 1 diabetes. That doesn’t make me special, viagra order
perhaps a little unique in that only about 10 per cent of PWDs have this type. This is the first point because it means that D Sharp comes from a very personal place. My life would be very different without it and D Sharp never would have been created.

I experience the ups and downs of this disease like the people who use our product. At times this makes me insightful, ambulance
at other times it means I can be forgetful and generalize my experiences. I’ll try my best not to do this. Each person’s care is truly unique and I want to understand more about type 2, gestational and parents of children with diabetes.

My dad had type 1 diabetes. I wish that “had” meant that he benefited from a cure, but here it means that he passed away in 2005 from a heart attack. He was diagnosed in the early ‘60s as a teenage boy and diabetes care looked a lot different then. This is important to the D Sharp story because diabetes has been a part of my life since the day I was born.

Diabetes took my Dad at 54 and his right leg in his 40s. He suffered from atherosclerosis, neuropathy and kidney failure. By no accounts was he a “good diabetic”, though he did make an effort as he got older. I am a “good diabetic”, though I despise that term.

For me, complications aren’t just a list of warnings from my doctor. If you ever wonder how I can be so diligent about my care, this is one of my biggest motivators.

We are not doctors. We are always looking for input from doctors and researchers because we want to implement new features and evolve to meet best practices for diabetes care. This isn’t just a protect-our-butts disclaimer. Yes, you should always consult your doctor when starting something new like D Sharp. That is true. But we want you to know that we’re here to support you from the personal and technical sides of diabetes.

My endocrinologist and diabetes educator are amazing and I couldn’t do this without them. They are a big, important part of my care, but they are only slices of the no-sugar-added pie. My everyday choices make up most of the pie. If you’re living with a chronic disease, you have to count yourself and the tools you choose to manage your disease as a big, healthy serving.

My husband and business partner is a technical genius. Saying this raises the bar pretty high, I know. He’s done blushing because when you work hard to create a product that is going to help people with a disease of epidemic proportions, you feel pretty damn good about it.

We’ve created some unique features using exciting, emerging technologies and we’re going to keep adding more. If you want to see D Sharp do something, we’re going to try and make it happen. I’ve been rattling off my dream features for months and I keep getting what I asked for. My requests are still numero uno, being the wife and business partner, but we’ll get to yours too.

Stay tuned for part three to hear more about our favourite features in the app.

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