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A letter from D Sharp’s Co-Founders

D Sharp is now a free service.

After great consideration for the current app market and the cost of operating a mobile web app, angina
we have decided that the best way to continue operating D Sharp as a cross-platform, site cross-device web app is to remove the subscription service and move to completely free mobile and native apps.

The cost and complexity of maintaining multiple billing systems along with monthly credit card processing and per transaction fees ate up a considerable amount of our time and funds. The lack of standardization or universality made it difficult to exist as an independent mobile product. A problem we are not the only ones to face.

The service and support our customers received will remain the same. While we could have shutdown D Sharp completely, we felt that it would be unfair to existing users to take away a service that has been so positively embraced.

To place our decision entirely in the realm of business would not be fair to our current situation or the spirit behind the creation of D Sharp.

As many of you know, D Sharp evolved from a personal request for a diabetes management app from me to my husband in preparation for a second pregnancy. Well, that second pregnancy was a successful one and our daughter arrived in January. Since then life has been busy, to say the least.

The time I thought I would have just isn’t there. I’ve read many articles from mom entrepreneurs on how they manage to do it. There are many amazing parents out there running successful startups and businesses and I’m sure they are also completely devoted to their children. However, our circumstances have made it too large a challenge for us to juggle a business, one full-time job, a three-year-old and a newborn. And managing a chronic illness also appears on that ever-growing to-do list, too.

We are still very proud of all that we accomplished with D Sharp and we hope that it will continue to help people with diabetes manage some of the challenges that come with this disease.

All the very best,
Jennifer McAfee and Luke Galea
Co-Founders, D Sharp Mobile Diabetes Management


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