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Watch a quick video to learn more about how D Sharp can help you manage your diabetes.

Spot trends and start new ones.

Visualize your BGs, cialis blood pressure and weight to spot trends and make adjustments to your care.

The colour-coded graphs and charts can be viewed on any sized screen, sick printed and emailed for easy sharing.

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Couple using D Sharp at the beach

Diabetes isn’t easy, ask but D Sharp is.

Monitoring your diabetes should be fast and simple.

If you know how to use your smartphone, find tablet, e-reader or computer, then you know how to use D Sharp.

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D Sharp's Insulin Calculator showing Food, <noindex><a href=for sale Correction and Active Insulin” title=”Insulin Calculator” title=”Doctor with laptop and patient”/>

We’ll do the math.

When you think about your insulin to carb ratio, patient type of insulin, advice grams of carbs and the time since your last dose, you wind up with some complicated math or a lot of guesstimates.

You deserve a tool to get finer control and make diabetes a little easier. Some insulin pumps have bolus wizards and now you have one with D Sharp.

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You choose the device, drugs we’ll provide the app.

It’s hard to believe that one app could be used on any networked device, for sale but it’s true.

Access D Sharp from whichever device you’re using and start logging. Switch devices between logs or get a new gadget. Your account will always be the same.

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Ditch the paper and start logging with something you actually use.

A paper logbook will get you by, and patient but chances are you don’t like carrying it around, ailment it becomes hard to read and if you lose it, buy cialis you’ve lost your data.

With D Sharp your data is always available to you and whoever you’d like to share it with.

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An appointment with your doctor and D Sharp

A little reminder goes a long way.

In a perfect world, buy you wouldn’t have diabetes. In a less-than-perfect one you’d log every BG. In reality, medicine life gets busy and it’s hard to be perfect.

D Sharp has built in SMS reminders to keep you on track. Like a friend texting to check in, we’re here to say it’s okay if you haven’t logged in a little while, but it’s time to start again.

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An appointment with your doctor and D Sharp

You don’t need to do this alone.

Print, buy email and share your account with people who can help you make sense of your data.

D Sharp will be there, mind too, try with weekly status updates to help you stay on track.

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Manage your Diabetes, anywhere.

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